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Mission Statement

Our mission at Empower Tomorrow is preparing and inspiring students in grades 7-12 to be leaders of the future with authority, strength and energy. We will nurture and develop them into the leaders of tomorrow so they can create Generational wealth, success as a family unit, and success as an entrepreneur. This will empower them to lead a legacy of leadership that will connect the thoughts of leaders of today with the leaders of tomorrow.

The Need For Mentorship and Guidance is Great

Check out these facts about today’s youth


Mentored youth earn higher grades than then those who did not have mentors   

Young adults with a mentor are 130% more likely to hold leadership positions  

Financial Literacy    

Four in five youths failed a financial literacy quiz

FINRA reports a clear trend of declining financial literacy in the younger generation


There are Many Ways To Get Involved

Take a look at the many ways to get involved and see what works for you


Become a contributor and assist in the cause. You can make a difference in the life of a student by giving them the tools they need to succeed


Get involved by being on the board of advisors or just volunteering your time. You will feel a sense of great accomplishment as you impact the leaders of tomorrow.


Dive in more profoundly as an Educator, Organizer, JV Partner, or Non-Profit Partner. At these levels you are more directly helping to shape young minds and guide them to greatness. 


Is there a student in grades 7 – 12 that you know is capable of great things with the right guidance? Tell us about them so we can consider getting them plugged into this powerful program.

Special Thank You To Our Founding Contributors
who saw the vision and helped build the bridge to its birth

  • Chris Abazis
  • William Balash
  • Paul Brown
  • Lucy Chua
  • Bonnie Duen
  • Erin Feldman
  • Sarah Fuentes
  • Jennifer Lea
  • Carrie Lu
  • Timothy Mansour
  • Keith Meals
  • On Time Home Reminders
  • Christopher Merriman
  • Leslie Robertson
  • Christopher Sinatra
  • Deirdre Virvo
  • Demara Woodson

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